Im not like all of them

Be a grateful man. It was what I always reminded myself. Seeing people used to have best friends like when they got problems all they had to do was called their friends and had chitchat laughed together. and I dont have that. It is miserable. Admit that Im not a good friend tho. And I dont even know how to be a good friend. I really want my friend to call me when the faced difficulties in life no matter what I will find a way to solve and be a good listener.

Iam 22 now, and I dont really feel what does best friend means. I dont have cars, I dont know how to drive, funny thing is my friend only texted me when they want to have accompany when no one else was free on that time. LIke am I being used or what? HAHA or being too emotionally.. They said, bestfriend is the best thing you have after your family. and laughed at myself. Im fine.