HMM :(

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 Zul Han Na ^_~ 0 Comments

day after day! i still thinking something that can remind me about u!

why we are fighting now! im mean fighting without word but in our eyes!

we both know this! i wanted to ask u?

r you really hate me?

what i had done with u?

its nothing if u just continue to fight like this...!

so stop it,,rimas!

huh..when i see u...i try to pretend that nothing happen between us..

but the real situation is we are not okay! okay..

huh lets finish this and tell me what u r not satisfied with me...

the last time i talked with you its the last time we both be good togather..

then..if u decide to continue this then i should try to hate u too..


huh...i feel tired if u still being like this!

uh! just say it ok! be matured and tell me what ur problem! so we can discuss about it!

tired already  !

show ur good manners

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