sorry me heart !

Saturday, October 15, 2011 Zul Han Na ^_~ 0 Comments

even i always keep my heart deep from others, dont u think one day it will broke ?

yes ! we should hide it from others. u know what? it is hard ! dont say that i never tried it.  it is tired . enough is enough!

time to reveal it. i have to face it no matter what.

my heart ~ u are liar ! u said u will keep that thing inside me and u will never broke ur promise ha??

me ~ im so sorry sweet heart. i have to do that. u know i have no choise. i have to broke my promise.

my heart ~ its ok . i understand . i know u have a difficult time and u have to do that, but remember something. i will be ur best frenz forever. im right here to protect you from getting hurt.

me ~ oh what a sweet best frenz i ever have ! i promise i love you ! muuuahhhhhh

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